Critical Care. Optimized.

Consano Medical

Consano Medical is an early clinical-stage medical device company focused on the development of a minimally-invasive intelligent monitoring device that is expected to become standard of care in the ICU.

Consano Medical recently received three NIH grants for further device development, pre-clinical testing and clinical testing and closed on a Series A financing in May of 2014 to continue the clinical development of their Accuryn® monitoring device*. This technology utilizes the urinary drainage catheter found in all ICU patients to extract valuable clinical data that has the potential to save lives by providing earlier warning of Sepsis or Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) and optimizing its treatment by detecting and preventing fluid overload during fluid resuscitation.

*The Consano Medical Accuryn® monitoring device is not available for sale or use within the United States or internationally.